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Today I'm grateful for:
     Getting the verbal edit/pdf-making for the ARG! portion of chapter 32 done, so my 'tail' end is nice and short as I write in chapters 34 and hopefully 35 on the weekend.

     Also very grateful for an extended 'chance' thanks to the wonderful internet. See, many years ago (or so it feels) I fell in love with a wall sculpture in the Wild Wings catalog I periodically get. It was fantastic, and more, it could be customized, which would make it in a sense illustrate the world of my stories. But it was a 'bit' expensive, which meant the only way I could justify throwing out that quantity of cash was with a significant finishing book 4. Actually, I'd first intended it to be a finish-book-5 gift, but soon realized book 4 was taking so long it would have to go for that instead. (And it works nicely with chapters 18-20 anyway.)

     So, over the years I'd revisit the website and learn in delight that the limited run was not sold out and it was still available. Sometimes it would take some searching, but it would be there. This spring I did the same, after I finally got rolling on book 4 again after the horrible depression of 2007. It was still there. So on Wednesday, realizing how close I'm getting to the end of the book, I went to the website to check again. It was gone. *cue misery and frantic ransacking of website* and since the website had been revamped at some point in the interval, things are now much easier to find, so I couldn't possibly be missing it.

     But thanks to the wonderful, wonderful internet, floundering around first led me to the correct name of the sculpture (sure helps in searching!) and then to another website which still has it available. Now here's hoping I can finish that darn book before it's unavailable there too, but I am immensely grateful for second chances!
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