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Today I'm grateful for:

     The wonderfulness of looking forward to wonderfuls in the mail! Today was the big day of Wall-E coming out, so I got to use my $100 in gift certificates and place my order at last...that was this morning, and four of the seven items have already been shipped. Between that and my order at CafePress last week, I have lots to anticipate!

     My back not hurting me near as much this evening as last evening...hence getting a lot more done. =)

     Getting the ball rolling with the map for chapters 36/37. It will probably (hopefully) be the most depressing/miserable map I'll ever have to make, so I'm the more glad I got it started (before too much cowardice/procrastination could kick in!).

     Mushy, purring cat in lap who makes wonderful 'hyarmi smiles' when his jaw is scratched just right. A treasure. ;)
Tags: book 4: other, mail, mapmaking, pets: arun
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