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t'DoL-birthday bright spots:

     That lovely feeling upon waking up at 3 or 4 am, and instead of just rolling over and falling back asleep, first realizing that it's not just any day, it's t'DoL's birthday! That glittery-holiday-morning excitement feeling is just so precious.

     There is the wonderfulness of juxtaposition too. Two years ago I didn't get to do anything for t'DoL's birthday because it was the first day of our department starting fiche conversion. So that anniversary falls on the same day. So, for t'DoL's birthday/2nd fiche-scanning anniversary, there was much yummies to be had. Dawn made superbly delicious chocolate brownies, and I went and bought a big bag of 2-way popcorn to share (and enjoy leftovers over the weekend). Then, coincidentally, my boss had leftovers from a luncheon she had brought treats for! So, in the afternoon, there was baklava. Wow. In the future I'll probably occilate between taking the day off to celebrate, and working instead but spoiling my coworkers.

     Got back from a belated planning meeting to step into a prank some coworkers had pulled--two of them signed time-off sheets requesting Friday off, and since I and Shelley are already off, I got all worried...but it was just a prank!

     A belated celebration of finishing chapter 25 (since my back pain butchered my appetite Monday) combined with t'DoL's birthday in the evening--mozzarella sticks, popcorn, Trader Joe's spicy cider and chips. Yum, yum!

     And now, a three-day weekend... *rolls up sleeves*
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