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Shouts · of · Joy

Today I'm grateful for:      Finishing…

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Today I'm grateful for:

     Finishing chapter 36 Sunday night, or at least close enough, since I'll probably be rewriting the ending. Making it to that goal-post was a lot harder than I'd expected.

     I must have been clenching my teeth while I was sleeping, because I woke up with a monster of a headache this morning. Thank God it didn't last! It came and went during the day, but I'm very grateful it wasn't solid all day long.

     Wall-E arriving in the mail! It was wonderful to just bury myself in a wonderful movie and forget everything else for a couple hours. Then I watched the Pixar short 'Burn-E' afterward...that was too much! When they did the over-the-top cranking up of Beethoven's Ninth at the end, I had a laughing/crying hysterical fit, and of course I was laughing at myself as much as at the video. I can so identify with that poor robot, especially now!
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