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Wednesday and Thursday goodies:

     I was entertained when I unpacked a box of fiche cartridges from Great Britain, and decided to give a sheet of bubble wrap (the big bubbles) to my coworkers. Much fun was had, especially by Dawn, who started doing 'Corey is a jerk/Corey isn't a jerk' to each bubble pop as if plucking petals off a daisy! Needless to say Corey tried to influence the final results. =) (And wouldn't you know it, there's virtual bubblewrap to play with on the internet?!)

     After I got home from work, sometime after five, I got a call from Dawn reminding me to go look outside. She'd told me about the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, visible after sunset (and I had looked on the bus ride home, but it was still too bright). Sweet of her to remind me while she was walking to her car after work.

     Thanksgiving Day is one of my favorite of the year, and it was a treat. A small Thanksgiving with the Towners again, just four of us, I was there from around 12 to 8:30. It was neat hearing the reminiscing--their family and my family did Thanksgiving together nearly every year starting 29-30 years ago, so all of my remembered life. Such a tradition is precious indeed, especially now.

     Much fun and entertainment was had by a 'new visitor' for Thanksgiving this year, Aaron's cat Teabag (white with grey patches). He's still under a year old and has the fun kitten-y energy and clumsiness. It was a treat. =)
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