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Today I'm grateful for:

     Since my bus route is now managed by a contractor, it meant for the first time that I could ride the bus to work the day after Thanksgiving (though I had to stay late in the evening as the first homebound bus wasn't running). That was a blessing on a really rotten workday, as was the view walking home half an hour later than normal through the twilight of Jupiter and Venus shining in the sky.

     I'm delighted that the Windstone benefit raffle I gushed about in my Thanksgiving post succeeding in raising over $2,000 dollars (after PayPal fees). The drawing was today, and I'm also happy for the person who won the raffle prize, as he loves dragons and life has been hard on him this year. What a treat to be a small part of all that.

     Grateful for the distraction and opportunity to rest my back and hands provided by movies, and Wall-E extras, too.

     Glad for today's writing progress: a good chunk of chapter 37 done and I passed the 190,000 word mark to boot. Some good editing progress with chapter 35 too; hopefully I can get that PDFed for the ARG! and finish writing chapter 37 tomorrow...

     Seeing as it's after 7, I suppose I should start thinking about dinner...
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