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Recent delights:

     Been getting sick in the nights lately (especially Saturday night) due to the female curse, so I'm grateful that it hasn't been affecting the days yet, particularly Sunday.

     Counting paycheck dates revealed to me that I get my 'extra' (3 paycheck month instead of two) in January 2009 rather than February. Very nice to have that buffer right after Christmas!

     Sunday was grey and cloudy (and some snow) all day long, which meant I couldn't see the conjunction at all (three-way for two nights only). But Monday made up for it--I got to see the moon and Venus right at sundown on the bus ride home, watch them walking home, then spot all three at the post office at five and take my first picture. Went outside at 5:45 when it was quite dark and got a halfway decent photo. (Venus is at the bottom) Not that it does it justice at all--all three of them were blazing in the sky so brightly. Better yet, since I had food shopping to do Monday evening, I got to gawk at it all the way over, and then all the way back, though by 7 pm it was getting pretty close to the horizon. What a glorious treat!
Tags: moolah, photos, skyscapes
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