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Today I'm grateful for:

     No news is good news. Been haunting the county and state news headlines and nary a peep about the house fire nearby, though there was a story about another fire later last night that sent a family fleeing. Also, the gossip on the bus going home was that the place was empty when the fire started. I took a longer walk home so I could go past it--the roof was caved in and the windows are black, empty holes.

     Lots of fun at our departmental Christmas/year-end party today. And lots of great food. The pasta bar was magnificent! Along with cooked veggies, bread, salad, and cookies. Needless to say I won't need much dinner tonight! Also, my coworkers had fun with the Jeopardy game my boss and I set up.

     Four days late, but at least I finally finished my winter sidebar image for my main LJ, now that book 4 isn't eating every ounce of creative energy. Feels good to have that off my list!

     I was greatly amused by a picture on the cuteoverload site last night. Even 'Grumpy-pelt' Heruvael can't match this little grouchy-face!
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