Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

Today I'm grateful for accomplishments and distractions:

     So yes, it was a year and a handful of days later than my original goal, but I'm glad to finally have my winter avatar done, to join my spring and autumn ones. Feels good!

     Also happy to have made huge progress on my book 5 'trailer' avatar this weekend. Started it Friday, now only one (the trickiest) scene left.

     Grateful to have chapter 36 of book 4 pounded into ARG!-ready shape, and have a tentative start at pounding into shape the appalling mess that is chapter 37.

     Very glad to have the first scenes of chapter 38 written and be at where I to be before I stop until I get back from California. It was nice to leave off at something that resembles a high point.

     Most of all, this three-day weekend I'm grateful for movies. Writing the first scene of chapter 38 Saturday evening was horrific; I'm so glad I could drown my brain in a favorite movie, stay up late, and go straight to bed. Largely warded the nightmares, yay. Wonderful to have movies as an escape from plot-musing and editing too.

     Last but not least, I'm grateful for the supreme beauty of snowfall and the fact I wasn't feeling as awful all day today (female curse) as the way I felt this morning/wee hours foreboded. It's wonderful when painkillers actually work!
Tags: art, avatars, book 4: editing, book 4: writing, book 5: other, movies, snow
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