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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights...      Had lunch with…

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Recent delights...

     Had lunch with Christi this week, and she was excited I'm so close to the end of book 4 and raring to go at it. I think it's been 4 years since she read book 3, so I was pleased/encouraged she recalled as much of the ending as she did!

     Polished off my mom's homemade pumpkin bread and applesauce earlier this week. What a delicious treat!

     Shelley at work was so sweet as to apologize for flying off the handle a week earlier and bought me a cinnamon roll from McDonald's, to boot. People having the guts/lack of pride to apologize like that really impress me.

     Encouragement is priceless where I'm at these weeks, and sometimes it comes in rather odd ways. Alison posted some YouTube videos today that blew me away--all the work and obsessiveness required to get your house to do something like this! Seeing the fruit of passion and dedication (some would say obsessed insanity! ;) like that really delighted and encouraged me today.

     Some last-minute change of plans with my mom and I's San Diego trip has got me happily ogling maps of places that aren't city, but wilderness. I'm getting excited!

     (Off to the airport tomorrow morning!)
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