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     I got everything I needed packed in one suitcase and two carry-ons. Happy for that, since if I'd used two suitcases like on previous trips, I'd have paid $80 round-trip in fees. One suitcase is 'only' $30--much better!

     My first flight, from the Twin Cities, MN to Phoenix Arizona had free drinks! Yes, they now charge $2 for a drink on the airplane, but my first flight had free drinks because a lot of people were on it to see the Minnesota Vikings play in Arizona Sunday.

     The flights were smooth, and the descent into Sacramento, California was simply splendid. There were these puffy, beautiful cumulus clouds scattered about, and the pilot wove amid them without flying through any...just a small taste of what it must be like to be an avarii, dancing among the clouds. Simply gorgeous!

     Glad for today (Sunday) being a quieter day of church and little things and getting ready before I tackle the roughly 500 mile/800 km drive from Sacramento to San Diego on Monday. (We won't get back until late Saturday, so I probably won't be posting here again for a good while.)
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