Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

It was a very nice trip and I'm glad I took it, but it's great to be back at my parents' home.

     I'm grateful for a good time despite sometimes less-than-cooperative weather.

     I'm grateful to be done with driving for a bit, whether it be the 6 or 7 lane wide monster highways of Los Angeles, or the one-lane with no shoulder 20-mph-hairpins constantly winding mountain highways of the Hecker Pass region or south of Big Sur.

     I'm grateful for some rest!

     I'm grateful for the lovely treat of having mail waiting for me at my parents' house when I got back--Christmas cards from Alison and my aunt. =)

     And delighted to have a dream with both Geren and t'DoL in it this morning, a strange but fascinating alternate to the end of book 5.
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