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     Not quite so recent, but I keep forgetting to mention it! It was a treat how Abby (my mom's German Shepherd) recognized me instantly when I got in from the airport two Saturdays back. It had been 14 months since we last saw each other, and she knew me at once by seeing me through the sliding door, just by sight and not smell! It was also fun, when she got picked up from the kennel Sunday, how she went tearing around her portion of the house trying to find me because she knew I was still visiting from the moment she got out of the car. Heartwarming, it is. =)

     I'm grateful for some slow-paced days that have allowed me to whittle away at transcribing my journal entries from paper to the computer. It will be wonderful to have most of that done before I go back home. It was also wonderful that my mom's camera cords fits my camera, since that was one thing I forgot to pack. I've been able to move over half my trip photos to my little pen drive, get them sorted and named--also saving me time against when I go home. All the faster back into book 4, yay!

     Last but not least, if I have to get sick while I'm visiting family in California, at least it happened now and not last week amid the busyness of the San Diego trip. That would have been very miserable.
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