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First Friday of 2009:

     Haven't shook this dratted cold yet, but I'm glad I'm sleeping better than I was earlier in the week.

     Yesterday I enjoyed rewatching my 1996 Dr Who movie (that had been at my parents' for two years). Since the movie is set around Dec 31, 1999, I like watching it at this time of year.

     A new year means breaking out the new 2009 calendars at work. Got a Friesian calendar from CafePress, which I'll be happily drooling over this year. And made a single-page year-at-a-glance calendar using the Forest-Lord image from Nam's roulette commissions--I'll be enjoying that too!

     Very happy with the amount of year-end reports progress made today, though since my boss is off I can't finish them until she's around to answer questions. Should certainly make the 10 am Monday deadline, however!

     Above all, I'm grateful for prayers answered yesterday. After being pinned by terror of what finishing chapters 38 & 39 of book 4 is going to cost me emotionally this month--paralyzed by fear and unable to start from mid-morning to late afternoon, I finally broke through, thank God! and made some good progress on chapter 38. Maybe I can finish the chapter Saturday...(tonight is food shopping as I can delay no longer and the cats are down to the last crumb!)
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