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Yesterday (Friday) which was hopefully the hardest workday of 2009, brought a real treat in the evening when I was out food shopping.

     Once of those 'chance' encounters--I was recognized by the wife of one of my dad's friends. It was fun catching up and learning what her three daughters were doing, as well as a treat when she asked after my writing and said she hoped to see it show up on the sci-fi channel someday. (I told her how improbable that was.)

     But as much as the meeting itself was a blessing, the memories it evoked were equally so. This was years ago, when I was a teenager. Their daughters are all younger than my brother, so there was a pretty significant age gap. But when my dad went to visit his friend, or our whole family paid a visit--those were the days of playing 'Kings Quest 5' (I think) in the basement on their computer--some of my first and warmest experiences with computers (with color monitors) and computer games of a new kind (unlike playing Frogger or Pac-man or that sort of game on the Towners' pc) The girls would lead me through step by step and tell me what to do at each turn, so it was more of an unfolding story, and we'd dodge most of the perils. They had a pool in their backyard as well, which seemed an incredible luxury to me at the time ("Go swimming, whenever you want, wow!") and my brother and I went swimming there at times.

     Well, I've babbled on enough, but I'm grateful for that meeting and all the bright memories it evoked, things I've nearly forgotten, seeing as it was about 20 years ago. I did my first-ever pc picture from scratch on their computer using MS Paint (when it only had a very limited number of colors). Seagulls on the beach, if I recall. Ah well, I'll stop now!
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