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Recent goodies:

     I am grateful for movies as a distraction from where I'm at in writing. Watched two on Saturday--'Ladder 49' that a coworker loaned me, and an nth viewing of 'Star Trek: Generations.' Yum, yum.

     I'm glad to have chapter 38 finished, and only 39 left to go.

     It was fun to spend some time with the Towners Sunday from 1-8: dinner and belated 'Jesus' birthday cake' tradition, since I wasn't around over Christmas. They enjoyed all the California photos I showed on their projector as well.

     If my car has to die somewhere and can't be jumped, better in a friend's driveway than somewhere else, right? Also glad I can go for two weeks without it right now before I'll feel any inconvenience.

     It was a treat having the author of a book on my 2008 reading list drop by and a leave a comment. Not something I was expecting!
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