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Today I'm grateful for:

     Joe persevered Monday after work and was able to get my car started! The cable that connects to the battery was awfully corroded, which was why they hadn't been able to jump it earlier. But that meant we could get it to a shop without having to deal with towing.

     Today was coworker Sarin's 20th service anniversary--which meant lots of goodies (I had a scone, a big muffin, and brought home a bagel for part of dinner), and she was so sweet as to make her incomparable egg rolls! (Had two of those) What a treat.

     The car repair place fixed my baby a day earlier than they had said, so I was able to pick it up after work this afternoon (my bus route is wonderful in that I can get off one suburb further south than usual and just walk to the repair place). And the bill was less than $200, so much better than things could have been.

     A little writing tonight in the very last chapter of book 4.
Tags: book 4: writing, egg rolls, job: coworkers
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