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I've been savoring a blessing the past few days: rereading my very own copy of Joseph Wharton Lippincott's The Wolf King.

     The reason I mention this, is that it's a trifle hard to come by. Somebody's got a 'Buy it Now' auction going on eBay with a price of $2,750.00. Certainly their copy is in much better shape than mine, and the only one I've ever seen with the original dust jacket, but it's the story that's precious to me, notwithstanding my battered, ex-library casing. I love the interior artwork too.

     Ah, but there are cheaper versions for sale at Amazon--$447.17 and $610.45 respectively. Talk about a bargain, heh heh!

     Makes me grateful I was able to get my copy for just around the three-digit mark (By far the most expensive book in my collection, so of course it was the one my cat Shado decided he liked to gnaw on, and I've been subsequently forced to hide in back. I really should have named that fuzzy nuisance something else!).

     There's a lot of searching folks out there that haven't been blessed like I was. Thank you, God!
Tags: books, pets: shado
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