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Sunday brought me a treat--I'd posted a shot I got of Arun with my 'book 4' Hansa vulture plushie when I posted about my visit to Solvang last week, and I thought getting that shot was special enough. But on Sunday, I was able to get a similar shot of Shado hanging out with my 'book 4 vulture.' Just delighted!

     Got to have lunch with Christi today (Monday) and it's been a while, so that was quite a treat.

     Making good progress with book 4 edits, found two continuity blunders (and hopefully no more!) and a bunch of small errors. Some year I may learn the difference between choose/chose and imminent/immanent, some year!

     Enjoying myself immensely with 'Delarun' writing. It's so fun to have no outline, no real boundaries, no chapter length expectations (yet) and something upbeat and rather sappy for a change--just enjoying myself. Kinda reminds me of the heady days of Geren book 1 writing when I could still keep everything stashed in my head!
Tags: book 4: editing, delarun, pets: shado, photos
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