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What a day!

     The first treat was right when I checked my e-mail first thing in the morning. Got one from my mom saying that we were on for our Yellowstone/Grand Tetons trip in early June...and that my parents had started reading my second book together (trying to 'refresh' for book 4, and they already reread book 1 last year). Just a delightful start to the day. =)

     A related treat was getting plane tickets to Billings, Montana at a fabulous price this evening, after hammering out what days we would go and when to stay where.

     But I can't leave out the most wonderful event of the day. Walking home from the bus stop, about some twenty feet from my mailbox, I spotted two birds flying in my direction from the southwest. Assumed they were Canada Geese at first, until I realized the silhouettes were completely wrong. They were a pair of Bald Eagles, flying slightly staggered. It's rare for me to see more than one at once, I stood there and stared, then I turned as they turned...and kept turning as they flew a complete circle some 80-100 ft/24-30 m above my head before flying off due north. It was simply incredible. I just had to stand and gape after them in disbelief. By the time I got my mail, waited for a car to pass, and started to cross the street toward my apartment, yet another Bald Eagle flew by, this one from north to south. What an incredible blessing! Thank you, God!

     I think this also means it's time for me to get down to Redwing/Lake Pepin...with all the cold weather of late freezing the rivers over, it must be seething with eagles down there.
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