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     Fridays are wonderful because they're Fridays, and this one was a payday too...but more than that, this Friday was wonderful because I got the nastiest task of my job done at last. After fervently procrastinating for three weeks, Friday (the due date) was the day I finished writing portions of performance reviews for myself and everyone in my section of the department. Bleah, how I loathe it--and now I'm free for another 11 months!!

     Also finished up with the book 4 hyphen-checking after I got home. The most maddening and tedious checks (except for a/an usage) are now behind me, and I'm moving into the backstretch, yippee!

     I keep coming up with long movies on my Netflix list at present, and since this weekend is too full to drop 3+ hours on a movie, I watched it Friday evening instead. Nice to just have a little break from editing work.

     Off shortly to visit the wintering Bald Eagles of the Lake Pepin area. Have a good Saturday, everybody!
Tags: book 4: editing, job: work, movies, netflix
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