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     I realized lately that I haven't posted here recently how thankful I am for the wonderful job I have, in a good company, with a fantastic boss and great coworkers. I am very, very blessed.

     Speaking of the job, Friday I got an e-mail from my boss gushing on me about my work on the Performance Reviews. Now to me that felt like solid 'C'-quality work, so I was a little surprised/taken aback. I intend to collect notes this year so I can do even better next year, as my memory is sludge. But I'm glad she's happy with it!

     Happiness is a big bag of cheese popcorn, that I picked up at the popcorn place on Friday. I've had a craving for a few weeks, and this is the weekend to indulge...

     Because book 4 editing is done at last!! Got it all finished Friday night and the .pdf made for Fed Ex/Kinko's. And I was able to get some extra savings due to a deal they had going if I signed up for an account--so instead of the $100+ I was expecting it was under $80 (still have to buy the 3-ring binders, though). But wonderful! Now I'm just waiting for the call saying that the 4 copies are ready to be picked up. Still doesn't feel real after breaking my back on it all week long (and trashing my health a little--lung issues again). Feel like pinching myself--I guess I won't believe it until I have paper copies in hand! =D

     With book 4 editing behind me at last, it sure is nice to have time to read again, aside from bus rides and 5 minutes before bedtime. Hurrah for books!
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