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Shouts · of · Joy

It was a good weekend.      Saturday I got…

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It was a good weekend.

     Saturday I got together with Christi for a celebratory lunch--me to celebrate finishing book 4, and Christi on her second pregnancy (child #1 just turned 2). It had been a goal of mine to surprise her with a copy of book 4 at that lunch, so I'm very happy I made it, though I finished the editing a day later than planned.

     That was because Kinko's was wonderful and had the print order I placed Friday night done before 9 am Saturday. Wonderful, wonderful!

     I bought a tv stand some weeks back (hope to get a 37" flat-screen tv soon and need a bigger stand) but hadn't brought it in from my car, as the box was around 100 pounds/45 Kg and the parking lot and sidewalk were a sheet of rumpled ice. No wheelbarrow or dolly to make the job easy, and no way I was getting that whole box in without damaging some portion of my carcass! So Saturday I opened the back of the box and carried the biggest, heaviest pieces in over the ice one at a time, then did the rest. Mind over muscle, any day! =D

     Sunday brought some catching-up work, and a nice bit of Delarun progress. And now for another work-week, with the All-Company meeting on Tuesday. Some years I'm impatiently counting down nearly every day, this year I was so busy with editing it fairly crept up on me. Get to find out PSP soon, yay!
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