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Big night and a big day, whew!

      First gratitude, my mini pump. Thanks to the horrid thaw and the rain on top of it, I had to get up at 90 minute intervals to pump out a couple gallons of water from my closet all night long. 9:30 pm, 11:30, 1:00 am, 2:30, 4:00, and 5:30 when I got up for good. If it weren't for that lovely little pump, I would not have seen my bed at all. As it was, I managed a couple 30-40 minute chunks of sleep. Bitty pump is precious!

      I'm also very, very grateful to be living somewhere with city sewage. I could take a shower this morning and not have to worry about bailing out that exact bunch of water afterward. Very grateful for that!

      Today was the big day at work: All-Company meeting. And the results--we got PSP! Of 5.5 %. A bit of a drop from the last years, but certainly far better than nothing! (2005 - 8%, 2006 - 9%, 2007 - 8.5%, 2008 - 9.5%, 2009 - 5.5%)

      I did not want to miss work today, put a black mark on my attendance record so soon in the year after two years of perfect attendance, or use a vacation day when I need to conserve I'll find out when I get home how much of my apartment has flooded. So for my last gratitude--that I tore the carpet out of my workroom a year ago. Between the closet, that room, the adjacent tiled bathroom and hall-space, there's plenty of leeway for water to accumulate today before it hits the cat room or the living room...time will tell...

      I'm also grateful all this flooding happened after finishing book 4 writing and editing or I'd really be spitting nails right now.
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