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The flood-water influx into my closet was moving along at a good clip last evening, so I'm very grateful it abruptly slowed down after 7:30. I only got up once at 11:30 to check on it, and the rest of my night was uninterrupted. Thank you, God!

     Another treat, because usually we get our PSP portion with the first paycheck of March, but since that falls late on March 13 this year, they're giving it to us with the February 27th check instead. Not that long a wait!

     Last but certainly not least, recently got off the phone with my aunt, who just finished book 3 at last! (After many starts and restarts where life intervened.) It was a delight to hear how much she enjoyed it, how much she wants to go right on because she wasn't happy with where it ended--and an extra treat when she asked me the status of book 4, and I got to tell her that her phone call had caught me in the middle of packing up copies to mail to family. I told her her timing was impeccable! =)
Tags: book 3: readers, moolah
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