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Quite a bit to gush about!

     Been vastly enjoying some delicious homemade cookies my wonderful mom sent me for Valentine's Day. YUM!

     My sleep's been messed up lately, not to mention the flooding fun last week, so it was nice to take a sleeping pill Friday night and sleep all the way to 7 am. I needed that!

     Finished my Delarun regional map on Saturday and quite enjoyed it!

     This one is just funny: who told my cat Arun it was Valentine's Day yesterday? I was working on dinner and he was raising a fuss in the kitchen, and I eventually figured out he wanted to be fed canned food. (Hasn't had any since New Year's, if that). Any other day and I'd have ignored him, but seeing it was Valentine's...that little nuisance had me over a barrel, didn't he? So who told him? ;)

     Killing time at Target this morning since food shopping went fast and I didn't want to get to church a half hour early--and what did I find but 'Short Circuit' for $4.75! It's been ages since I saw it last, so that was a treat today. =)

     Lastly, I'm grateful for a short memory. That might sound odd...but the chocolates my mom hand-picked for me are so very delicious I might not be able to enjoy normal 'cheap' chocolates anymore--except I have a short memory. In this regard, it's a good thing!
Tags: delarun, mapmaking, movies, pets: arun
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