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This morning, at work, we had a small celebration for Greg's 10 year anniversary. He's a year older than me, and he didn't work as a temp first, but still, it made me realize that it's not much more than a year and a half until I reach my own decade-mark.

     Wow. I am so blessed to have worked in such a wonderful place for over nine years (including my temp months).

     And wow--I can almost taste that $100 gift certificate people get on their 10th anniversary (5th anniversary was a pen set, whoopee). It's getting so close, I've desired it for so long, and I just might make it yet!


As the bus crossed over 10/61 this afternoon, I caught a glimpse of huge dark wings in the sky. I craned my head as we took the loop, fully expecting (and happily anticipating) a turkey vulture.

     But it was a Bald Eagle, and as we drew away, he descended in circles to very close to the ground by the overpass. Somebody was getting an eyeful--assuming they had the wits to pay attention to things around them.

     Again, wow. Two Bald Eagle sightings in a matter of weeks. What a blessing!

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