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The recent delights:

     Progress on 'Delarun' has been slower than molasses of late, due to the fact it feels like I have to spend 20 minutes researching for nearly every sentence. It's not quite that bad, but I am very grateful to have finally reached the end of the research-intensive section. Yay!

     It took a lot of time, but it was a lot of fun reading/skimming through the 500+ entries in this journal while adding a whole bunch of tags. I'll probably think of five more to add in the next week...but that can wait!

     I was grateful (albeit a little guiltily so) that my 7:30 am appointment for an apheresis donation this morning got cancelled. Not only could I take a sleeping pill and sleep in, but there was snow overnight and I didn't have to deal with getting my car out before the parking lot, etc, got plowed or shoveled. Made for a wonderfully relaxing and wide-open day, too.

     Lastly, my wonderful mom sent me a vhs tape with various things she's recorded off cable tv. I enjoyed seeing the AKC agility trials, but what I want to gush about here is the Superbowl 'Best Commercials' show I watched the other night. When I saw the witch doctor commercial I had an uncontrollable laughing fit like I haven't had in a long time. I could so see a coworker using an excuse like that...
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