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Last night was simply golden:

     Firstly, I finished my illustration for 'Dispossession' and put it in the story. This is a milestone for me, because along with my winter avatar/sidebar image, it represents a tolerable compromise, after my crushing setback a year ago with Vue not being able to handle my hyarmi figure. In these pictures, instead of bringing the hyarmi 3d figure into Vue, I import a two-d scanned and tweaked image of them. It has LOTS of setbacks, but at least it will allow me to accomplish some of the illustrations I've had in my mind for years. HURRAH!

     Secondly was my 7:00 pm apheresis appointment, a reschedule of the Saturday morning one they canceled. I squeaked through with the hemoglobin test, and though the nurse went through the vein on my right arm (that's never happened before) they were able to get everything going. I watched 'Men in Black' (it's been a while) and gave the maximum 3 portions of platelets. Got home right at 10 pm. Hurrah for my first apheresis donation of 2009 and a triumphant evening!
Tags: art, dispossession, donations
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