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It certainly has been interesting!

     Got home yesterday wanting nothing but a 'relax and recoup' night after my apheresis donation--but it got off to a late start due to my closet being full of floodwater (again). I'm thankful all I had was that initial bailing, and that the temps dropped to freezing faster than I expected. Didn't even have to bother with getting up to check, yay!

     I'd meant to start working on my state taxes over my lunch breaks after finishing Federal on Tuesday, but Wednesday I was just too tired and ravenous from the donation...and that turned out a blessing, as I got a very late 2008 donation receipt from one of my non-profits I give 'gobs' of money to. Hurrah! Now I'll be able to report three of the big four, and get a bigger refund from the state.

     The mongo snowstorm today meant that tonight's bus ride home was one of the most memorable I've had in a very long time. First, it took us nearly 40 minutes just to get from the stop to the outskirts of downtown and get on the interstate. Then...the startlement of seeing semis being towed up the highway as it was too slick even on a small slope for them. After that...the shock of seeing 61/10 northbound blocked off by cop cars and the poor trapped people backed up for over a mile with no way to turn around or get off (Including a bus from Woodbury). Of course the last takes the cake--after all the time lost getting that far, one of the passengers announced she must go to the bathroom NOW, no chance of making it to her destination. So the driver stopped the bus at the Lower Afton intersection and she got out and...yeah. At least she had the bus between her and all the stuck northbound traffic, but... We're going to be joking about this commute for a very long time, I'm sure!

     So I really have nothing to complain about getting home over half an hour late. The bus was there on time because I take the first one home--the others are probably still waiting in the city, too many are, because a bunch of buses got stuck going up the slope on Wall St and so those people won't be seeing their transportation. I'm very glad I got home!
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