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Work was utterly crazy today, but there's plenty of good stuff:

     Got five books, two movies, and one cd on my annual run on the half-price bookstore yesterday, then supplemented that with a binge on Quite enjoying the cd! (Il Divo)

     My DSL was out this morning...frustrating, but it made me grateful it happened on a workday, or I'd have been very aggravated! Also grateful for great service overall; this hardly ever happens.

     Beth finished reading Hope's Passage last night! It was a treat to get that slew of feedback e-mails. =)

     A Bald Eagle flew overhead when I was checking my mail this afternoon. And I think I saw one out the window yesterday too, as I was dozing off for a short nap before my dental appointment. By the time my brain realized there was no WAY that was a crow, it was too late. This is definitely the time of year for spotting them.

     Annnnnnd, 'Defender' is underway! I'm quite tickled, after all the trouble it's given me.
Tags: birds: eagles, books, defender (story), hope's passage
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