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Hurrah for a weekend!

     Work Friday was definitely entertaining. Not only did we get to celebrate my coworker Kathy's 10 anniversary today, but the event was marked by a FileNet crash and network issues on top of that. So the paper scanning folk could hang around and chat without any pressure, because they can't do any work at ALL without FileNet. I could hardly do any work either, since I'd just reached the point in my reports where I required it. Made for a very lazy and relaxed Friday morning. (Can't forget the wonderful pastries, either!)

     I'm grateful for my progress on monthly reports as I worked toward quarterly reports this week. Feeling much less stressed about the March 12 deadline now after Friday than I was before diving in last Tuesday.

     I'm delighted I made it all the way to Friday afternoon before any flooding kicked in. Came home to find the closet full and a narrow lane of water down the north side of my room--but less than the last time that happened, AND the water slowed down the moment the sun got low. So no bailing tonight, yippee!

     Started on my illustration for 'Of Insults and Arguments' last evening, and very happy with how quickly it's coming along. Always a pleasant surprise when Vue/Poser cooperate for a change! ;)
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