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A 'sick day' today, so not much writing and no editing, but I'm happy with what I made of it:

     Got started on my illustration for 'The Secrets of Fynydov' and made GREAT progress on it, all in one day!

     A delighted discovery of old Vue 5 files from summer 2006--I thought I had lost the one of Geren's home, but today I started working on improving it for an upcoming book 4 illustration.

     Got a call from my brother and sister-in-law as they were driving home from their wonderful weekend getaway. They've started on book 4, and they had to inform me of a continuity error between that and book 3. All I can do is growl at myself and laugh helplessly. Those darn errors just start popping up after I make paper copies! ;D

     And the very dirty bathroom finally got cleaned since I didn't have writing as a 'more important' excuse!
Tags: book 4: other, book 4: readers, secrets of fynydov
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