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The good stuff:

     An evening where I'm not feeling sick and not having to bail--yay! Got to do art and writing.

     Just finished up my illustration for 'The Secrets of Fynydov' this morning and put it in the story. It feels wonderful to have three story illustrations done in less than a month!

     The feeling of being 'rich.' I decided to sell some of my Windstone sitting griffin chick collection and to do it on the Windstone Forum to avoid all the eBay fees and rules. So I put up my sales post Saturday, not expecting that much action very quickly because everyone seems to be complaining about how broke they are in this economy. Well...I was wrong! A blessing from God--a small bidding war erupted over the two rare chicks in my collection, and I was answering PMs and updating the prices on my post every day, quite the flurry over my lunch break on Tuesday when I brought it all to a close for those two rare chicks. And a final sales price of $795! Even including PayPal fees and shipping, that is a nice profit over what I paid! Got the first payment yesterday, and I'll mail the chicks out once she makes her final payment by the end of the month. What a treat! Still have 3 chicks left to sell, but they are 'small change' in comparison.

     A fond farewell from winter in the form of a cold windy day yesterday and it being -2 to -6 F (-19 to -21 C) out there right now. Nippy walk ahead!
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