Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

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     It's finally Friday evening after what felt a 7-day workweek, thanks to the nightmare and not feeling well at the start of the week. A weekend at last, hurrah!

     And another hurrah for another payday Friday the 13th!

     A treat this morning in the form of a comment from my mom on 'Dispossession.' Great to have somebody read it and see the illustration. =)

     A nice lunch out with my coworkers Kathy and Shelley at 'The Four Inns' restaurant, which I've walked past hundreds of times, but never eaten at.

     And a lazy evening just doing puzzles of my three latest illustrations...and a little bailing. But it's very slow now and the temp's already about down to freezing. I can sleep without worrying, yay! =)
Tags: dispossession, job: coworkers
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