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     My itty-bitty pump is definitely the hero of the weekend. Don't want to imagine how miserable things would be without it.

     I'm glad the flooding didn't start until 1 pm, so I was able to get a bunch done in the morning, including some writing. Also very grateful it slowed down in the evening so I could sleep.

     Making wallpaper versions of my recent story illustrations and adding them to my rotating wallpaper program reminded me of another blessing. Back in 2000 when I got my first computer, I had barely any images based off my writing to use...but now in March of 2009, I have 38 different wallpapers, and some others I use at work that I don't at home. What a treat! Pretty soon I'll be just using them and no other images, since they mean the most and encourage me the most. =)

     Yesterday with all the bailing making the afternoon too fragmented for much besides reading and simple things, I was able to sift through those images and make 19 wallpapers at 1024 x 600 pixels for my upcoming new 'toy.' It will feel like 'home' from the very start!
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