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I was grateful for the weekend and now I'm grateful to have it behind me!

     The bailing started sooner on Sunday and was a little heavier since it was warmer, but it also tapered off a bit earlier, and never did get down to freezing last night. So I'm hopeful today will put me past the worst of it, though I'll find out when I get home from work just how much got flooded (if anything).

     Not being able to do much in my 15-20 minute chunks of time meant I got some magazine reading catch-up done, and polished off a book as well.

     All those hours of bailing also was an excuse to just have fun with where I'm at with my t'DoL figure in Poser. Making animations all Sunday afternoon was a nice distraction. I wish you could see it how it should be displayed, but for those interested, here's a squashed .gif version and here's an overly-compressed .mpg.

     Happiness is--the weather forecast! This nasty hot stuff won't last forever, and I should be able to sleep decently later on in the week.
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