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     The flooding ended Monday; I shouldn't have to worry now until the storms of summer. Wonderful to put my throw rug and other things back in their places.

     A blessing to hear, not from one, but two of my beloved non-profits. The first, a phone call from my favorite non-profit, thanking me for the sizable gift I sent a few weeks ago (I don't even deserve it, because it was 'catch-up' for months of budgeted donations.) It is always a delight to receive heartfelt thanks that does not involve them trying to stick their hand in your pocket again! And just plain grand of them to make a long-distance call.

     The second non-profit I got an e-mail from. They wanted to make sure I'd intended to nearly double my automated monthly payment, and that their new system wasn't just being glitchy on them. I got to straighten out the bit that was due to glitchiness and assure them I wanted to increase donations. What a treat to have personal contact from two in one day! It's a special memory for me, but I'm comment-locking this post lest it come off like bragging. This is for my warm recollection.

     On the creative front, I was happy yesterday to figure out the section divisions and names for 'The Great Wave,' and better yet, the illustrations I'll be doing for each of the five of them. I'm going to have too much fun with these, as they'll be set 'in-world' with hyarmi commentary on the Bivordian artistic representation of the various events, with the usual hyarmi bemusement in regard to exaggeration, symbolism, and any departure from the literal facts. Far too much fun.

     And since I'm stuck with 'Defender' I went ahead and started writing the novella 'The Great Wave' today, first on my lunch break, and then at home this evening. Feels great to have it rolling at last. If it fights me, I'll just go back to 'Defender.' ;)
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