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Today's goodies:

     Lunch with my friend Christi today. The 30 minutes are always too short and fly by in a jiffy, and today half of it vanished in talking about book 4. She's up to page 80 and chugging along. She'd mentioned in a couple e-mails how much she was enjoying it, and I was dying to know where she was at. Quite fun! =)

     Plugging along with the detailed map of Northern Bivord I started Sunday. I need to finish it in order to write part two of 'The Great Wave,' so I'm happy to have all the land detailing done, and 17 towns/cities named. Another 25-30 and hopefully I'll be good to go! (I'm so glad for t'DoL's imperfect memory, or I'd have to come up with the Glashwalian lot as well!)
Tags: beloved, book 4: readers, great wave, mapmaking
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