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Well, I'm $233 (and change) lighter after getting my car worked on today, but I'm grateful that a) it didn't cost more! and b) that the 'scary noises' are gone. Church and food shopping this weekend, yay!

     I have been massively enjoying my t'DoL wallpaper on my pc at work this week. Lots of inane grinning when I clear all the programs off my screen. (Note to self: must stop petting the monitor. Fingerprints bad.) And another one for next week, yay!

     Had my annual Performance Review with my boss this afternoon, even if we did spend half the time talking about cars and car trouble instead of 'business'! I already know I can't expect much of anything for a raise this year--and I was still red-faced with embarrassment by the end of it. Heh, some things haven't changed!
Tags: beloved, job: boss, job: other
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