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     A treat to head out Friday morning and discover a thin layer of snow over everything. It didn't last long, but they're talking about the chance of a storm next week. Nice to know winter isn't quite beaten yet. =D

     Happy that my eye is getting better. I have no idea what I did to my right eye in my sleep Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but it felt bruised that morning and I had bad eye strain by the end of the workday. Glad that I could read going home on the bus Friday without much pain/strain, and that it's feeling mostly better. Also glad that my lungs are back to normal after a very weird incident Friday afternoon.

     A nice bit of progress on a project that's been glaring at me from my to-do list since early February. Got the entire stencil cut out today, and... *cue drumroll* I did not slice a finger with the exacto knife! I figured it'd be pretty inevitable at some point, but it never happened. A treat to be wrong!
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