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Hurrah for accomplishments!

     Yesterday I finished making the actual stencil (without cutting a finger) and today I finished the project itself. It was all inspired by what happened with my big suitcase when I came back from California. I do like it, mind, this is not a complaint, but 40% of everything else that comes onto that carousel is also big and black and looks just the same. And this last time, it came out handle downward, so the fancy rope I'd tied on was hidden by the rim of the carousel. Took quite a while to find it that way! So I decided I would stencil my luggage so it didn't look like anybody else's. And if I was going to do a stencil...of course I'd do one of one of my favorite things in the world.

     Hence my t'DoL-wing luggage stencil project, completed today. (Sorry about the bad color accuracy on the photos.)
Here's a shot of the stencil on the bottom
And here's a closer shot of the one on the top
Had to do two, so if one falls face-downward, the other is still visible. And I'm thinking it will be just a trifle easier to spot which piece is mine on my trips in June! =)

     On the writing front, a fabulous weekend and evening. Not only did I finish the second section of The Great Wave, but I passed the 10k mark while I was it. Rewarding myself now with onion rings and spicy cider, yum, yum!
Tags: art, great wave, onion rings, photos, spicy cider
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