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This week's goodies:

     A simply gorgeous sunrise Monday morning, that I could enjoy while walking to the bus stop and for half of the bus ride. It's the time of year when sunrise isn't too early or too late--a treat!

     Tuesday morning between 8:30 and 8:55 was incredible. At 8:30 there was jumbo snow (though everything was melting when it hit the ground). And it was beautiful. At around 8:45 there was jumbo JUMBO snow! Jumbo snow gives one clumps up to about an inch long (2.5 cm). But this stuff was beyond anything I believe I've ever seen--certainly in my adult life. The clumps, many of them, were beyond the 1.5 inch mark, nearly 2 inches (5 cm)! We were all at the windows; it felt so incredible that I could make out flakes over a block away. Simply astounding. I said it was like cotton-balls falling; Shelley had a better description--feathers! White downy feathers floating earthward. Just a treat I'll remember for a long time!

     On Tuesday my long-awaited new 'toy' arrived. Been going through the manual and charged it up/turned it on Wednesday. More burbling about that anon, I'm sure!

     Wednesday, April Fools Day, led to some fun at work with a motion-activated mouse (I knew it would be waiting for me under my desk, and I was right). Also a treat from the weather in the form of lots of smaller, non-sticking snowflakes making it look like January out there at times. How I am loving it!

     Been chugging along nicely with my second and final Great Wave map, and on Wednesday evening also kicked off the first of five Great Wave illustrations. Very pleased with my progress on that--my crazy plan of using Vue to make a Bivordian woodcut is working!
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