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Friday and Saturday treats:

     Been busier at work, due to having to cover for Corey at least part of each morning while he helps out in the paper scanning area--which means a lot of bouncing back and forth between his desk and mine. So I'm grateful for how much of my reports I've managed to get done so far regardless...and that my boss hasn't realized that this is the month she wants first-quarter figures from me...yet. ;)

     Friday's high point was in an e-mail from Christi remarking on her book 4 progress: she's made it to t'DoL's mountain, YAY! Very eager to get responses to the portion of the book I've written in the last year.

     Friday evening I finished my illustration for the first section of The Great Wave. One down, four to go!

     And Saturday's high mark was in the morning: the apheresis office called me earlier in the week, I scheduled for Saturday at 7:45, chugged on iron pills...and I made it! Watched the second half of Ben Hur whilst donating (didn't realize the movie was divided at first) and the first half this afternoon. Feels great to have two apheresis donations under my belt for 2009 to date, and to be reminded how gorgeous the soundtrack to that movie is. Thanks for the gift, parents!
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