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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      It didn't last long,…

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Recent delights:

     It didn't last long, but it was wonderful to have snow Saturday night and Sunday morning. I'm very grateful for every day that winter lingers, and every night that's cool and sweet.

     A good start Sunday on the second illustration for The Great Wave.

     Best of all, the joy of both crossing off and adding a new story to my 'What's cooking...' page. Yes, that troublesome tale 'Defender' is done at last! (Though it needs a boatload of editing, believe me). Done, done, done--and too late for mozzarella-stick-style celebration tonight--but there's always tomorrow!
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jubilant jubilant
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On April 7th, 2009 02:48 am (UTC), silvanime commented:
Congratulations! Wonderful news about Defender. It feels like you got through it so quickly.
On April 7th, 2009 11:18 am (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
It wasn't. 10 days of writing and over a month from start to finish doesn't count as 'quick' to me, for a short story. At least I was writing something else at the same time!

Thanks! =)
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On April 7th, 2009 03:43 am (UTC), brezzydal commented:
So happy to hear you finished writing Defender! So looking forward to
reading it. That was sure fast.
On April 7th, 2009 11:21 am (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
Thanks! It was a troublemaker from start to finish, so it feels incredible to finally have it complete!

Now I have to figure out the inside illustration--that's been giving me trouble too!