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Finishing 'Defender' Monday evening was a BIG accomplishment for me after it fighting me 15 years, so I've been having fun celebrating this week from Tuesday to Thursday. Tuesday was yummy mozzarella sticks as a treat. Tonight is music night--and art and puzzles and a small spending spree (see below). More goodies planned for Thursday!

     Happy also to both get to add 'Defender' to my Stories Bubbles chart, but I went ahead and added the Gift Dialogues as well. Nice to have it more 'complete.'

     And today's delightful surprise was an e-mail from Cornucopia (the place that sells extras for Vue software) with...a $19 voucher! Wow! Suspicious me had to go to the site to see if it showed up in my account and wasn't some very strange scam--and there is was! Thank you, God! I was just thinking yesterday that one of the things on my wishlist there would be perfect for my 5th 'Great Wave' illustration (and that's only $4).

     And now...time for Vue-goodies shopping! =D
Tags: defender (story), freebie, mozzerella sticks

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