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So many treats since I last posted!

     Found a wonderful passage in my devotional reading this morning that is just fabulous for The Great Wave. I'd tried and failed a few weeks back to find a theme quote, set it aside, and started praying recently. Wonderful to have it answered!

     My ears, they are better (or almost)! Sunday through Wednesday they were stuffed up each morning, and even when they got a little less plugged, I had some unceasing tinnitus in my right ear (rather like the sound of a seashell against it). It was frustrating feeling like my hearing was cut in half, and a bit bothersome at work at first. So I'm grateful it's basically gone, and I'm also grateful it wasn't bad enough to interfere with art or writing.

     Spotted a male bluebird on my walk to the bus stop this morning, being chased by what I think was a female one. I'm always surprised whenever I see a bluebird near home, as I think of them as countryside birds. A treat!

     Out to lunch for Coney Islands with two of my coworkers. The food was delicious, but I was also vastly entertained by the waiter, who practically threw our food at us, and the bill, and seemed very grumpy. I didn't know Heruvael had a job on the side of being a waiter at a bar! *cackles* He'll be 'Heruvael-waiter' in my mind forevermore, I fear!

     Got home to find an Easter card from my aunt and a package from my parents. I'm waiting on opening the Easter card and gift until Easter Sunday, but there was no WAY I was keeping my hands off that lemon bread. THANK YOU, MAMA! =D
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