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Yesterday was fabulous:

     For one, Lent is finally over! I can drink whatever I want, whenever I want--and could celebrate finishing 'Defender' with some Spicy Cider deliciousness. It's amazing how long those forty days feel by the end every year.

     Slow but good progress with my third 'Great Wave' illustration, and I learned some great things about Vue in my floundering around with it, too!

     For another, the Towners invited me over for a late-afternoon Easter dinner (so did the Johnsons, but they were too slow ;) and we had a great time. It was a treat to have fresh-cooked asparagus, fresh-cooked green beans, and carrots, all in the same meal! (Not to mention everything else). Got to babble on about lcd tvs, and got to enjoy seeing my first Blue-Ray video, since their son Aaron left them his HUGE plasma tv and blue-ray player while he's in Kuwait/Iraq. (Fun to see his cat Teabag again too.) So except for getting home way too late and being too wound up to fall asleep for a very long time, it was a fantastic evening.
Tags: great wave, spicy cider
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