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Sweet treats:      McDonald's delicious…

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Sweet treats:

     McDonald's delicious cinnamon melts from Shelley this morning. She must really be missing Kathy (who's on vacation to Los Vegas this week) and using me as a surrogate! ;D

     That Nancy had a second chance! This morning, I was looking through the timecards my boss had printed out on my request and left on my desk for me to data enter--and I realized that Nancy's printout meant she hadn't submitted her timecard, and the deadline was Wednesday at 11 pm...so she wouldn't get paid. Told her about it right away and got her to call Payroll, and thank goodness everybody gets a single 'mercy' when they forget like that. (Everybody and their boss gets two automated e-mails if they forget, but sometimes even that isn't enough.) Nancy was immensely relieved, to say the least!

     Nice to slowly get rolling again with my third 'Great Wave' illustration, and get some good editing done with 'Defender.' Very grateful tomorrow is Friday, as I'm exhausted and I need sleep and rejuvenation so I can write. Thank God for Friday, and a weekend following!
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