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Shouts · of · Joy

Taken me long enough--I've been meaning to post about my new 'toy'…

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Taken me long enough--I've been meaning to post about my new 'toy' that I got a few weeks back.

     And that is a Asus EEE PC 1000HA, which probably doesn't mean much; better description is a 10" screen netbook. And since there's still a fair number of people out there who don't know what a 'netbook' is, it's a simplified, cheaper sort of laptop, with no cd/dvd drive, smaller and lightweight...and affordable.

     I've never wanted a laptop for the sake of having a laptop, and I certainly didn't want to pay a laptop price when I wouldn't use it enough to justify that. But a netbook is perfect for solving my increasing frustration of being away from a computer on my vacations. This way, I won't have to write long-winded journal entries by hand (and my hand cramps after a few lines anyway) and then copy them all back over to the pc when I get back home. This way I can sort through and cull photographs before I get back home, and not have to worry about running out of space on my camera, because I can move things to the netbook. If I'm somewhere with wireless (once I learn how to do that) I can keep posting to this lovely place, and not have to deal with 'catch-up' posts after I get back. It will be so nice not having to spend weeks catching up at home with computer stuff after a long trip--because there'll be more than enough to deal with on other fronts.

     At home, I've already used it to browse through old LJ posts and make notes for tagging, with the comfort of lying down to get a break from being at my desk all day. I got myself a cheap old version of MS Word, so I can lie down and do reading/editing of stories too.

     It's certainly been a treat. I named the little guy 'Frogmouth,' and I've quite enjoyed getting it a skin that reminds me of t'DoL-wings, and lots of wallpapers sized to 600x1024. And can't forget the itty bitty laptop mouse, since I don't want to deal with the trackpad. Just plain fun!

     Can't end this rambly spiel without photos, can I?
Here's one of Frogmouth with Shado for size comparision
Here's one focusing on the pretty skin, which helps protect from scratches and fingerprints, too.
Here's one of Frogmouth at my messy desk, so you can see a comparison of monitor, mouse, and keyboard sizes with my 'main' pc.

     I'm really looking forward to having it along on my vacations in June!
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On April 25th, 2009 12:39 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy commented:
Re: netbook
Thanks, because I was wondering who 'thegripe' was! Surprised that name wasn't already taken, heh heh.

As for Netbooks, I've read some interesting articles about how they could be hurting Microsoft and affecting the industry. They can't handle Windows Vista, so a lot of them run on either Windows XP or various forms of Linux, which of course gives Linux more exposure.

There's also debate as to if they're damaging the market because people are buying them instead of a regular laptop/desktop, or if they're expanding the market, since people who otherwise might have stayed away, are buying them because they're affordable. The fact they're selling big with the economy as it is, is certainly a good thing. It's been fun seeing how often I spot mentions of them, now that I know what they are!

And I'm looking forward to checking the weather with free wireless on vacation rather than channel-surfing the tv in the hotel room when it's such a pain to find a good local weather forecast. =) (Or calling you/Papa to look it up for us!)

--the Grump